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Looking to Extend Your Spouse Visa?
Let us Help You

If you are applying to extend your partner visa or to switch into the partner visa from the fiance visa because you have just married then the chances are that you are still in the UK. In any event, assuming that you are applying via the 5 year route, you will make your immigration application online using the FLR(M) form. If successful, you will usually be granted a further 30 months leave to remain. The application fee is £1033 and the NHS surcharge remains at £400 per year (usually £1000 in total for the two and a half years leave).

The form itself can now only be completed online and whilst the Home Office have tried to make the form 'easy to use' it is still a very complicated, detailed and illogical form to use. As one example, large amounts of detail and documentation are required in relation to your UK partner's children and their parentage - whether or not those children are from your marriage/relationship. Another problem with the form is that it isn't easy to go backwards to correct the answers you have previously given. That is why we, having taken your instructions through our easy to use client portal, complete the online form for you.

In order to qualify for the spouse visa extension, you will need to show that you satisfy the usual spouse visa requirements including the financial requirements . The main difference in the financial rules with the extension application is that, because this is not an application for a Visa or Entry Clearance and so is made from within the UK, if you as the applicant are legally able to work and indeed are working, then your income can be taken into account for the £18 600 threshold.

What are the UK Spouse Visa Extension Documents?

The Home Office require extensive documentation. And it really does depend on your circumstances and answers to the questions in the form that will determine what documentation is required. However, be warned - this is a really difficult part of the process and extremely easy to get wrong. That's why we operate a simple 3 step system to assist you in completing your application, including the documentation stage. Our bespoke online client portal enables you to provide us with instructions in a nice, easy way so that we can then complete the Home Office form on your behalf. Our three step process is....


Initial Advice

One of our immigration barristers will help you, free of charge, to understand the prospects of success and determine what the next steps might be. This is not a full advice session - it is more of a fact finding meeting so that we can let you know what we think should happen next.


Barrister Telephone Advice

A barrister will chat through your case after you have initially given some brief answers to some simple to follow and focused questions. This will empower you to decide whether and/or when and/or how to proceed with your visa extension. For this we charge a small fixed Fee of £97 for half an hour of indepth advice.


We fully prepare and submit your application

It is at this stage that we provide you with full support, advice and representation including full access to all of our bespoke online tools so that you can then provide us with all of the necessary information. In addition, we provide you with access to our own in-house 'Document Checker' which will provide a uk spouse visa document checklist of all the documents you should start to 'get together' so that you can be 'ahead of the game' rather than rushing around at the end of the application process! Following this, in the light of the instructions we have taken from you, we will take the leading role in completing the application. You would then simply approve and sign off our work.


Some applicants are led to believe that the law is straightforward or that the Home Office will be easy to deal with or generous towards them. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are often left to 'sort things out' after an applicant has tried to carry out the work themselves. In short, you may as well get it right from the beginning by coming to on of our immigration barristers in the first place.

Note: we usually operate on a fixed-fee, no-win, no-fee basis so that:

* You know what your legal fees will be from the very outset;
* Because we are a barrister law firm, our overheads are much lower than those of a solicitor's firm or even many immigration advisors. So we do not charge extra for photocopying, sending emails, making telephone calls etc. Rather, we agee a fixed fee for the total work in question.
* If your application to the Home Office is not successful (and has not been rejected because of something we should have been told but weren't) then we would refund your legal fees or make the application again without charging any further legal fees

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