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Spouse Visa Financial Requirements

In order to apply for a visa as a fiance, unmarried partner, spouse or civil partner - and whether you are applying from abroad or for an extension within the UK - the rules are essentially the same in terms of the amount of income and/or savings that need to be evidenced. In short, unless your UK partner is receiving one of the specified benefits, then you must show that either your UK partner (if applying from abroad) or you and/or your UK partner (if applying from within the UK) are earning the following pre-tax income per year:

£18 600 if there are no non-British children to support in the UK
£22 400 if there is one non-British child to support in the UK
£24 800 if there are two non-British children to support in the UK additional £2 400 per year for each additional child who forms part of the application or is already in the UK with leave to remain.

If you cannot satisfy the financial criteria through salary alone, there are other routes which may, in some cases, be combined with salary (but in other cases may not). As an example, in simple terms (but with the caveat that it really does depend on who your employers have been for the last 6 months and how much you earned pre-tax in each of those 6 months) you can usually make up any shortfall in salary by 'adding on' savings of yourself and/or your UK partner. The unfortunate thing is that the first £16 000 is ignored and for all applications apart from indefinite leave to remain (see here for ILR requirements) you must divide the remainer by 2.5 (assuming you are on the 5 year route). So for a spouse who has just married, has no children and is applying for their first 30 month period of leave (2.5 years), but whose UK partner only earning £15 000 per annum, they would need savings of £16 000 PLUS 2.5 x £3 600 = £25 000. You must also be able to show that the savings have been in your possession and/or that of your UK partner for at least the last 6 months.

So far, so simple... however, the reality is that the mechanism by which an applicant must prove the relevant earnings and/or savings is made up of a mosaic of Appendix FM, Appendix FM-SE and relevant Home Office Guidance on those Appendices (which provides interpretations of those rules which are not at all evident from the rules themselves). All documentation must be original, translations must be in a satisfactory form and from an acceptable provider and wage slips and bank statements must comply with a set of detailed requirements. Sadly, there is simply no substitute for simply reading and re-reading the rules. And whilst the Home Office may decide to give an applicant a 'second chance' to provide missing documentation or to provide exiisting documentation in the correct format, they are not obliged to do so.

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