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Making an immigration application of any kind is always daunting and has become increasingly so with the advent of the UK Government's 'hostile environment'. In simple terms, the government trip-wires that have been put in place now mean that it is very easy to either fail at the application stage, not understand your rights of redress or appeal (until it is too late) or to overstay on your visa

Fiance Visa UK

This application must be made online from outside the UK and you would use the same application form if you wanted to undertake a civil partnership ceremony. It is a category of 6 month visitor visa but with the added permission to marry whilst in the UK. An ordinary visitor visa would not allow this. However, unlike a visitor visa, the application and required documentation is even more indepth than a spouse visa extension. In simple terms, the Home Office want to know that should you marry in the UK that you would satisfy all of the requirements necessary to live in the UK as a husband or wife. These are onerous and, aside from the usual '£18 600 rule', you would need to prove various requirements by providing relevant documentation.

Spouse Visa Requirements

This is one of the most common types of application and the requirements are significant, complicated and easy to get wrong unless you understand the very complex immigration rules... which is where our immigration lawyers come in. Combined with a very detailed set of rules on what documentation is required, your UK partner must satisfy the spouse visa financial requirements which currently stand at pre-tax salary of £18 600 per annum plus £3800 for the first child and £2400 for each subsequent child. Further requirements include having and proving a satisfactory standard of English language. If you do decide to 'go it alone' with your application, please be aware that the spouse visa requirements in terms of documentation are not fully stated within the online application form itself. And not sending the correct documentation can lead to your application being rejected.

ILR Requirements

ILR stands for Indefinite Leave to Remain - this is the moment at which a person has an indefinite right to remain in the UK. However, it is not as secure as and is different from citizenship. ILR as a spouse or partner is usually obtained via the '5 year route' which means that provided you have been with the same partner from the very beginning and not been unduly absent from the UK then, subject to satisfying all of the other ILR requirements, including further financial requirements, then you would be eligible to apply.

Why Should you Use Our Immigration Lawyers?

The reason is simple... Our 3 stage immigration process is as easy as 1,2,3 and ultimately puts you, our client, in control from the very beginning...

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We agree a fixed fee for advising on and making your application. Then we prepare and submit the application on a 'no win no fee basis' and if your application is unsuccessful then, provided we received full, accurate instructions from you, we will refund our legal fees to you.

eviction-process Fully qualified and practising lawyers with full rights to conduct litigation - our specialist immigration barrister will utilise our 3 step immigration application or appeal process (tailored to suit your individual circumstances)

eviction-processFREE initial case review over the phone (no need to visit us) in order to determine whether you need our help and we will work out the best course of action for your particular case;

eviction-processTransparent, fixed fees so you know where you stand at the very outset. We know how the very complicated and convoluted rules and laws work and in particular how the Home Office and ultimately an Immigration Judge will look at your case and so we know how much work would usually be involved. Only in exceptional cases would there be additional fees outside our pricing structure and even then, we would not carry out work without first agreeing the fees with you.

section-21-noticeNO-NONSENSE, STRAIGHT TALKING ADVICE from lawyers who know the court system and immigration procedure, understand the law and are expertly familiar with your rights and those of your family, as well as all of the tricks and tripwires to look out for (the Home Office rejects a relatively high proportion of all applications so that, for instance, around one quarter of all spouse visas are rejected with no fees refund being available);

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